Use fire blankets and benefits

The characteristics of the FIREBLANK fireproof blankets allow its use in a large number of situations where, in addition to the extinction of a small domestic fire, it requires a level of protection that can put out and escape from fires on a larger scale that, at times, can affect the furniture and clothing of the people.

Manta Poliacrilato

  • Screen approximation in the presence of fire.
  • It allows you to go through some major fires (fire escape possibility)
  • It allows the extinction of domestic fires as pans, electrical appliances, etc.
  • Its use avoids damages of adjacent electronic appliances (not the case with fire extinguishers), especially useful in laboratories.
  • It allows its application on people, unlike fire extinguishers.
  • Always ready for use (a fire extinguisher we do not know if it will work).
  • One can extinguish a fire in his own body by covering it with the blanket (impossible with fire extinguisher).
  • Its use on people prevents the spread of fires due to panic.
  • Extremely easy to use, requires no training or complex instructions (to deploy and use), anyone can use it effectively.



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