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We are pleased to present the technical dossier information of our new development, our Fire Blanket FIREBLANK

For its manufacture we use Polyacrylato-TECSTAR fibres that are intrinsically fireproof which offer big and important advantages on the current existing ones on the market like the Aramidas, the Mineral ones (fiberglass), etc.

Unlike other products, the Fire Blanket FIREBLANK presents, among others, the following advantages:


  • Its fireproof inherent qualities make it inalterable in the course of time.
  • Their high thermal qualities allow their users to cover themselves with it and facilitate the flight of the lines of fire (corridors, rooms, stairs) with a reduced risk of burns.
  • By its great softness, low weight and high level of protection, its installation is recommended in areas with persons with reduced mobility (geriatrics, hospitals, nurseries, etc.) where the evacuation is always slower than desired and the risk of burns is greater.
  • Its composition with antibacterial properties make it resistant to fungal and bacterial cultures, which allows the coverage and transportation of people with burns at high risk of infection.


In short, our primary interest has been to offer the market a product that, in addition to smother small fires, offers something much more important as the reduction of burns, injuries and the possibility to be able to save lives.




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